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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

First northern Hemisphere Ice Milers for winter 2013/14

Pleased our lads are in the H2O Magazine!!! Thanks Simon Griffiths :)

First northern hemisphere Ice Milers for winter 2013/14
Simon Griffiths | H2Open Editor | Wednesday 11 December 2013 International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) has ratified four more Ice Milers: three in the UK and one in the US.
Starting on 19 November, James Brown completed an Ice Mile at Ellerton Lake in Yorkshire.  Eleven days later Brown was back in the water at Treeton Dyke, along with Alistair Beattie and Leon Fryer. The official temperature for Brown’s first attempt was 3.9 degrees Celsius. For the second it was 4.18 degrees. According the IISA rules the temperature must be measured by three different devices.
The three were coached by Pauline Squire, who says: “The first lap appeared to be done with ease, but then came the turning point where the cheers of the supporters appeared to go unheard as each swimmer headed towards the start line and turned, the distance ahead of them unfathomable as with cold leaden arms they started out again.”
On the second lap the swimmers' breathing became laboured and their stroke rates slowed.
“Now was the dangerous part of the swim: the body tiring, the brain barely registering the route required, the mouth so frozen that words could not be formulated,” says Squire. “Their limbs now felt like dead weights. It was a painful process to cover the last 500 metres. All three stopped several times.”
The three swimmers made it to the end and managed to exit the water unaided. Their supporters then bundled them quickly into warm clothes and blankets and plied them with hot drinks.
A week later, on 7 December, Gordon Gridley completed an Ice Mile in tough conditions in Utah’s Great Salt Lake. The water temperature was a mere 1.19 degrees while the air dropped to minus 6.1 degrees. Despite this, Gridley blasted through his swim in 26 minutes, which looks like a top ten time, and only a couple of minutes behind the fastest ever.
Editor's note: An Ice Mile is a serious and potentially dangerous swimming challenge that should only be undertaken by experienced swimmers in controlled and supervised situations.

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